FASA Spring Updates 2020!

Hello Afterschool Professionals and Friends of Afterschool,

I am hoping that you and your family are all safe and well as we continue together to fight against this unseen enemy that is wreaking havoc on our country.  These are unusual and very unsettling days.  I am confident that together we will get through all of this and be better because of what we are doing right now.

We didn’t want this week to past by without thanking you for all you do for the children and families of your communities. Afterschool Professionals Appreciation Week (April 20- 24, 2020) is a time to recognize, appreciate and advocate for those who work with young people during out-of-school time hours. There are normally many celebrations and public relations efforts encouraging appreciation and support for the afterschool professionals who make a profound difference in the lives of more than 10.2 million children and youth.  But this year of course is different, even though we can’t be together we can still celebrate and tell you how much we appreciate all you do!


2020 Florida Afterschool Conference

October 13-16, 2020

Rosen Centre Hotel

Please be aware that the conference committee is working on our state conference and will have more information coming your way soon!


Here are a few things that I thought you would like to read.  This is good information and please excuse me if you have already received it from someone else.

  • NAA has been working with other national afterschool policy and youth-serving organizations on a number of collaborative policy recommendations and efforts related to the impacts of COVID19 on afterschool and summer programs, communities and staff.


  • Please review this letter, drafted by the National Summer Learning Association, to the National Governors Association and the Conference of Mayors that outlines how local entities should be leveraging federal funds to support out-of-school time programs. NAA has signed onto this letter and we invite you to do the same. Please use this form to sign onto the letter by 2pm Friday April 24



Discovery Ed and the National AfterSchool Association Partner to Launch the Virtual Learning Response Fund

The COVID-19 outbreak has forced widespread school closures across the United States, shuttering traditional learning environments and creating long-term risk for student achievement.

At a time when we are doing our best to support family, friends and neighbors, we recognize that one of the most critical connections to uphold is an educator's connection to their students.

To address the need voiced by educators across the nation working to adjust to this new paradigm, Discovery Education has partnered with the National AfterSchool Association, a 501(c)(3), to launch the Virtual Learning Response Fund.

Learn more about the fund below and we encourage you to share the news with your communities.



Please stay safe and protected until we are able to resume our work life.  Looking forward to being together with you all! 

Sharon Carie,

Executive Director

Florida Afterschool Alliance